Social Entrepreneurial Enterprises (SEE), Inc. is comprised of two main portfolios, real estate and philanthropic.

SEE’s real estate portfolio includes developments in Ohio, Florida and Jamaica. Campus Management Ltd, located in Cincinnati, Ohio was founded in 1992 with the goal of helping to revitalize properties and restore the historical and cultural relevance to some of Cincinnati’s oldest and most diverse neighborhoods. In Jamaica, SEE manages Norse Hill Estate, a 6-bedroom villa vacation rental, in Port Antonio with plans to build a sister property on the coastline. In Miami, SEE is engaged in the community to develop leaders and bring social justice into the workplace.

SEE’s philanthropic portfolio currently supports programming in the United States and the Caribbean and actively participates with civic-minded individuals, philanthropic groups and faith-based institutions to effectively change communities at a neighborhood level.

From offices in Miami, Florida, SEE has developed several key initiatives including the Portland Arts and Vocational Education (PAVE) Centre in Port Antonio, Jamaica and the Manfred Memorial Foundation retreat center in the Redlands area of Miami-Dade County. PAVE successfully trains young Jamaicans to enter the hospitality workforce, and SEE is currently developing a state-of-the-art school to expand its offering to additional industries and to serve more residents of eastern Jamaica. The Manfred Memorial Foundation retreat center will break ground and upon completion will house a needed retreat and counseling facility in the area.  Corporations, non-profits and religious groups will be able to use it as retreat space, and SEE will offer onsite counseling for individuals and couples.

SEE is funded through strategic partnerships with corporations, non-profits and other donors.